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Pictorial Guide to No-Hole Back Basting

Click here to download PDF file of  No-Hole Back Basting screens.

You may print the following quilting tips for your own personal use. If your friends are interested in having copies of these tips, please give them my web site address. They can then print their own copies. These pages are copyrighted and are not to be re-printed by teachers and educators to be used as handouts in their classes or for any other purposes. They are not to be reproduced on the web or in any printed materials. Teachers are encouraged to give my site address to their students . Thank you for respecting my copyright. Connie Sue

This pictorial guide will take you step by step through the process of preparing a block using the back basting method. Jeana Kimball introduced the quilt world to back basting - a technique that she learned from another quilter. I learned the technique from Suzanne ­ a gal in the Des Moines TAS group. My heart-felt thanks to these gals.

I have added my own twist to this fabulous technique and I have expanded it.  The modifications that I have made will allow you to use this technique with any fabric.  

Each of the following steps is on a separate page. Several of the pages have lots of pictures. Please be patient while they load. You may click on any of the steps to go directly to that topic.

Page 1: Reverse your pattern
Page 2: Mark the pattern on your background fabric
Page 3: Place appliqué fabric on background
Page 4: Pin method of placement
Page 5: Baste appliqué fabric in place on background and appliqué
Page 6: Tips and Tricks

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