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August, 2017

Dear Quilter,

           Wow! This summer is really flying by.  It's State Fair time in Iowa.  Schools are gearing up.  And we are finally going to get our vacation.  We are headed to Medora, North Dakota.  We have been there once before and enjoyed ourselves very much.  This time we are going with friends which will make the trip even better.
            I have been busy stitching my next free BOM.  It will begin in January, 2018.  It will probably include 100 - 6" blocks.  I have two different sets for this quilt.  One uses 97 blocks, the other uses 100 blocks.  I'm having a difficult time choosing the final look.  Both sets would be lovely. Oh, by the way, I have 52 blocks stitched and 78 blocks designed.
          The final installment of Ann's Lyrical Christmas will be the candle/snow globe row shown above which will be published in October.

Shirley's "Sampler Quilt"

           Shirley Bauge took my class at Mended Hearts in Ellsworth, Iowa.  Shirley didn't need a beginner's class.  She does lovely applique.  But she was uncomfortable with her outer points - a topic we covered in detail.
           In this class I teach the four elements of hand applique - outer curves, inner curves, outer points and inner points.  Each block in the quilt is designed to feature one of these elements.  The first block the students stitch is a block which features outer curves - nothing but outer curves.   Then one element is added as each additional block is stitched.  The second block adds inner curves, the third block adds outer points and finally the fourth block features inner points.
          Thank you for sharing your quilt with us, Shirley.  You have done a lovely job.  Your outer points are perfect.

Our New England Trip in the fall of 2018

Week of 8/20/18: Still open
Week of 8/27/18: Still open
9/6/18 - Quilters by the Sea, Portsmouth, RI - trunk show
    9/8/18 - Quilters by the Sea, Portsmouth, RI - workshop
09/11/18 - Ninigret Quilters, Westerly, RI  - trunk show
    9/12/18 - Ninigret /Quilters, Westerly, RI - workshop
Week of 9/17/18: Still open
9/25/18 - Bayberry Quilters, Cape Cod, MA - trunk show
    9/26/18 - Bayberry Quilters, Cape Cod, MA - workshop
10/5/18 - Friends & Needles, Houlton, ME - trunk show
     10/6/18 - Friends & Needles, Houlton, ME - workshop
10/11/18 - Burlington Quilters' Guild, Burlington, MA trunk show
     10/13/18 - Burlington Quilters' Guild, Burlington, MA Workshop
    We still have openings for thrfee weeks.  I realize the last week of August is a very bad time.  Folks are returning from vacations, kids are returning to school and it is just before Labor Day.  While I really don't expect to fill this slot I sure would like to.
  However, I would really like to have a trunk show and workshop the weeks of 8/20/18 and 9/17/18.  If you are interested, please contact me.  Follow the instructions below to contact me.

   By the way, you can check the status of our New England Trip at anytime by clicking HERE.  I will keep this page updated. 
   Click here to book your trunk show and workshop.

Ann's Lyrical Christmas

      Here's a re-cap of the rows that have been published so far.
Now is your chance to catch up if you have missed a row.

       The diagram to the left shows the first two rows that I have designed for this quilt.  Yes, that means there are two additional rows that I haven't finalized yet.  The middle row will be the lyrical row.  It has a staff with notes, a french horn and a harp and, of course, bells.  I'll be starting to applique this row next week so it is very close to being done.
      The bottom row will have candles and snow globes.  I have it sketched in but still have a lot of work to do on it.
     The inside measurement of the rows is 32" x 45" (finished size).  I'm sure that I don't want an appliqued border.  The diagram has a 3" border bringing the size of the finished top to 38" x 51".  I'll probably wait until I have all of the applique done and the top together to determine if I'll add a border.
     This BOM will last for one year.  This will allow you a couple of months to do each row.  This month I'll be publishing the 5" holly row.  Yes, your eyes aren't deceiving you.  There are two identical rows. That's part of making it more elegant.   I'll wait until March to publish the bauble row.
     I have shown the holly row at my workshops last fall.  There was one major concern expressed by many appliquers - all that holly.  I find holly to be one of the easiest styles of leaves to applique.  Usually 4 out of the 6 points are greater than 90 degrees.  However, there are other alternatives.  Let's make it one of the first questions we discuss on Facebook.  "What would you do if you didn't do the holly row?"
     Here are the cut sizes (finished) measurements for the rows.
          Bauble Row, Lyrical Row, Candles/Snow Globes Row - 9 1/2" x 32 1/2"  (9" x 32")
          Narrow Rows on either side of the holly row - 1 1/2" x 32 1/2"  (1" x 32")
          Holly Rows - 5 1/2" x 32 1/2"  (5" x 32")

Click here to download "The Holly" row.  

Click here to download the "Baubles" row.

Be sure to read the instructions.  You will need to sew a border of red fabric onto the light gray background fabric before tracing the pattern.  Some of the holly extends up into the red border.

Click on this link to download a PDF file of the "Lyrical" row of "Ann's Lyrical Christmas".  

 The final row in the "Ann's Lyrical Christmas" free BOM will be published in October.

Happy Appliqueing
Connie Sue

Click here to download a PDF file of this newsletter.

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