Connie Sue's Sketchbook

Big Changes are Coming-I'm Retiring!!

  Connie's Sue's Sketchbook

How are you coming with your blocks?  Some of you are actually making them as we go along.  For others, you are collecting the patterns in the hopes of one day starting.
          I will be retiring at the end of April.  Until then I will be publishing 4+ blocks each Monday morning until they have all been published.
          Please stay current as this website will disappear after April 30th and I wouldn't want you to miss any of these patterns.
           Thank you.
                 Connie Sue
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This Week's Free Patterns

05/13/19   Mud Buddies    
       This block is another shout out to my home state of Iowa.

Download Pattern
         Karen Johnson
5/20/19    Memorial Day Honors    
         Let us all remember those who have gone before us.

Doanload Pattern
 5/27/19    Rosie, Rosie    
         Is it possible to get too many flower patterns?  I think not.  This is one of my personal favorites.  What color will you make your rose?

Download pattern 
         Karen Johnson
 6/3/19    Beach Bunny    
          This is the last of our bunny patterns.  Enjoy.

Download pattern
         Karen Johnson

Last Week's Free Patterns

4/15/19   A Pair of Birdies    
       These birds are looking for lunch.  You can make them as fantasy birds are you can choose the colors of your favorite species of birds.

Download pattern
         Karen Johnson
4/22/19   Cosmos    
         You can make this fun flower in any color.  Pick your favorite and watch the pattern come alive.

Download pattern 
         Karen Johnson
4//29/19   Road to Longville    
          This block was named for my father's favorite vacation.  He loved to go to Longville, Mn to fish.  Mother wasn't so excited about it.  During my childhood Mother and Dad alternated.  One year we would go fishing for Dad and the next year we would go to Colorado to the mountains for Mother.
     I have made an alternate, easier version for those of you who don't want to stitch all these trees.

Download Pattern

Download Alternate Pattern
         Karen Johnson
5/6/19    Dahlia    
          Yes, this block has a lot of individual petals.  If you are uncomfortable with them, search your stash for a large flower that you can appliqué on this block rather than this dahlia.  This method is call borderie  press applique.

Download pattern.
         Karen Johnson

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