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Welcome Quilters
      This page is your key to "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".  This free BOM will begin on January 1, 2018.  It consists of 100 + - 6" blocks.  The "+" will be alternate blocks that will occasionally be published.  Some of these alternate blocks will be a different version of a block.  In other cases, I have chosen to offer a simplified version of a block.  I plan on publishing a block every Monday morning.  If for any reason I can't keep this schedule, I'll post a notice on this page. 

     Please share the URL for this free BOM with all your quilting friends.
     Do bookmark this page.  Click on it every Monday morning.
     Please respect my copyright.  If you use these blocks in your club or class please include a link to my website. 
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     Each block will be available for two weeks.  After that it will be available for purchase.

Initial Instructions

            To help keep you on track with this 100- block quilt, I would recommend that you organize today with this first block.  In addition to the pattern blocks, there will occasionally be a PDF file that will tell you how to stitch a specific block.

"Computer Comfortable" Quilters - Create a folder for your patterns on your computer where you can store both patterns and PDF files.
  "Computers Are Not For Me" Quilters - Purchase a binder to hold the weekly patterns and PDF files.

          All patterns are ready for Quick Prep Appliqué.  That is all patterns are ready for back basting.  They have already been reversed for you.  You may need to reverse patterns if you don't back baste. Most blocks will look great either way.

This Week's Block  (scroll down for all published blocks)

January 15, 2018 Block
  Easter Eggs    
This would be a great block to decorate.  Add buttons or beads.  Let your imagination run wild.        Spring is coming and so is Easter.  We will get a head start by doing our Easter Egg block this week.
     This block introduces a new technique.  You will note that the pattern has a lot of "ss" notations in red.  This will indicate a "split seam".  Click here to get a PDF file that will explain how to do a "split seam".  This technique will create a smooth edge on your eggs.  No unsightly bumps along the edges.  Take your time as you do these.  The first one or two that you do will seem awkward.  By the time you have done all ten seams you will be a pro.
     I will mark any split leaf seams with an "ss" on any future patterns that have them.

Click here for Easter Egg pattern.
Karen's Block

January 8, 2018 Block    Dazzling Butterfly    
       This week's "Dazzling Butterfly" is another simple block - no points - only outer curves.  Karen Johnson, who is making this quilt with me, has chosen to make the bottom of the body a point.  Both look great.  You can choose how you want your butterfly to look.
     As you can see, Karen is making her quilt out of batiks.  I would love to see your block after you have made it.  Won't you take a photo of it and send it to me.  My e-mail address is   I will try to publish all blocks that I receive. 

Dazzling Butterfly Alternate        
           I decided early on that I would make 4 butterfly patterns.  That way those of you who love butterflies but don't want to make the full 100-block quilt could make a smaller 4-block quilt.  I made a couple of plain butterfly blocks then, for some reason unknown to me, I decided to throw in a couple of flowers in the third block I designed.  When it came time to design the fourth butterfly I added the flowers again.  Then I laid out the completed blocks and decided that all 4 blocks should have flowers in them.  So I added flowers to the 2 blocks that didn't have them and made them over.
     I have decided to publish both versions.  You may decided which block you would like to put into your quilt.  I will be putting the blocks with the flowers into mine.   Click for flowerless "Dazzling Butterfly".    Click for "Dazzling Butterfly with Flowers".

 January 1, 2018 Block    1st Block of new BOM   Christmas Bells
     I will begin by publishing four blocks that will be do-able by all skill levels.  If you are a beginner, these blocks are for you.
     The fourth week I'll publish a block to keep my more advanced readers interested.
     I'll repeat this in February - 3 easy blocks then one that is more difficult.  This method will allow my beginners to ease into more complex blocks.
     If you complete all the easiest blocks the first two months, you will advance to intermediate status.  Congratulations.
       This fun little block is made up entirely of curves.  It's a perfect block to kick off my new, free BOM, "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".
     I have called it "Christmas Bells" but you can make it "Wedding Bells", "Anniversary Bells", "Graduation Bells" or "Holiday Bells" by simply changing the colors.

Click here to download "Christmas Bells".

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