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      "Connie Sue's Sketchbook" is a 100 - 6" block free BOM. 
 One block will be published every Monday morning thru 11/25/19.  I'll try to have each pattern published by 8:00 AM Central Standard Time.  If it isn't out when you first look, check again later in the day.
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     All patterns are ready for Quick Prep Applique.  That is all patterns are ready for back basting.  They have already been reversed.  You may need to reverse patterns if you don't back baste.  Most blocks will look great either way.
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   Well, it happened this week.  I was unable to get this week's pattern out before 8:00.  I'm sure it will happen again.  I'll try to keep these departures from the norm to a minimum.

April 23, 2018   Lemons    
       This is a fun little block.  It is fairly straight forward with the exception of the partial seams that are necessary on the branches.  I have the step by step instructions for this partial seam technique below.  Be sure to check it out.

Click to download pattern.
        Karen Johnson


      Begin on stem #1.  Start in the middle.  If you are right handed that will mean you start in the middle of the outside edge as seen in the diagram above.  If you are left handed you will need to start on the same stem but on the inside instead.       Applique from the middle to the end that will slide under patch #2 then halfway down the other side.  Your first branch will look like the photo above when you are finished.  You will be leaving a square of fabric that will be used later to complete this stem.   Place the applique fabric for the second stem. Baste it and stitch it just as you would for any other patch.  The photo above shows the second stem fully appliquéd in place,
     We will repeat the last step with stem #3. Baste it in place and applique completely.        Then we will applique the 4th stem.  What you don't see in the photo above is that we pulled back the square that will be used to complete the 1st stem.  We then placed the 4th stem and appliquéd it in place completely.        Finally we basted and appliquéd the other half of the 1st stem.   This technique was necessary because one end of every stem needed to slide under an adjacent stem.

April 16, 2018   Nappies    
       Whether you call them diapers or nappies, they make a perfect baby block.  There will be a total of 4 blocks in this series that will relate to babies.  In March, I published "Baby Rattle".  "Pacifiers" will be published in July and "Teddy" will be published in October.

Click to download "Nappies".
        Karen Johnson

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