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Dear Quilter,

          Since last month's newsletter, we have had 3 trunk shows/workshops in Canada.  The first was in Kincardine and the second in Mindemoya and the third was in Sudbury.  All were in Ontario.
          Less than an hour after I finished the Sudbury workshop, we received word that my 95 year old father had passed away.  It was not unexpected and we were thankful that he was no longer in pain.
          Last Saturday we had his funeral.  it was a very personal affair tailored to Dad's personality and to his major interests in life - music and fishing.  It was a real celebration of his life.  I can only hope that one day my funeral will be similar to his.
          The pastor summed up Dad's philosophy of life at the end of the service.  "Go in peace.  The world is a good place to live."

Kincardine Sunset Quilters of Kincardine, Ontario

         We began our tour of Ontario with the Kincardine Sunset Quilters in Kincardine, Ontario.  The best part of the evening was when 4 members of the guild showed me their versions of "Pushin' Up Spring".  Check them out below.  At least 2 others told me their "Pushin' Up Spring" quilt was in the process of being made.
        Oh and by the way, you can get the very best fish and chips ever at the Erie Belle in Kincardine.


Mary Coats
  Agnes White
 Dianne Knight    Denise Jameson

Island Quilters Guild, Mindenoya, Ontario

     Our travels next took us to Mindemoya on Manitoulin Island.  We spent several extra days in this community.  We were in a secluded RV park on Lake Mindemoya on the north side of town.  Our camper was parked deep in the woods. It was very private.  A perfect place to rest and sew.

Sudbury & District Quilting & Stitchery Guild, Sudbury, Ontario

          Sudbury, Ontario was our last Canadian stop.  Thanks for the soup, ladies.  It was great.
          So was Science North.  We really enjoyed the theater shows.  In one, we were treated to what it would feel like to be fighting a fire - right down to getting water in our faces.

Ann's ????? Christmas Row by Row

          I may not be sure of the name of the next quilt yet, but I can assure you that it is going to be a real knock-out.  As I have mentioned before it will be an elegant, row by row, wall hanging.  I have had so much fun shopping for fabrics for this quilt.  I probably have enough material to make 4 wall hangings.
          I thought I would tease you just a little this month with a look at the 3D flower that is in a couple of the rows.  I designed this flower several years ago for my "BC/Alaska Memory Quilt".  It's just perfect in the new free BOM.  I'll record a video that will show how to make this flower.  I'll then post it on my website, send it to you in my newsletter and post it on YouTube.  Have I tweaked your interest yet.  It starts in January.

Karen's Gingerbread Florals - October Block - Tulips

Download October Block - "Tulips"

Download September Block - "Dogwood"

Download August Block - "Impatiens"

Download July Block - "Zinnia"

Download June Block - "Pansy"

Download May Block - "Water Lily"

Download April Block - "A Simple Rose"

Download March Block - "Cosmos"

Download February Block - "Rose"

Download January Block - "My Favorite Rose"

Download instructions

Karen Johnson's "Tulips" are to the left.  Georgie McKenzie's block is to the right.  I love the colors Georgie selected for her tulips.  I never thought to make them multi-colored.  It's a real knock out.

Happy Appliqueing
Connie Sue

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