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I Am Retiring!!!!!

January, 2019

Dear Quilter,

          Yes, the title of this section is correct.  Let me take you on my journey.  We will start back about a year ago.  I was 72 years old at the time.  My bucket list was very large.  I was feeling the time crunch.  My husband was fully retired.  I decided it was about time for me to think about doing the same.  But did I really want to do so?  It was a question I debated for several months.
          Finally I decided that it would be enough to just cut back.  I had been looking at the possibility of selling my patterns through Etsy.  It looked like a promising possibility.  This would relieve me of the responsibility of keeping up a website, creating a new BOM every year and writing a monthly newsletter.  It made sense to me.  I began telling the folks at my trunk shows of my intentions.
         After our trip to New England this fall I settled down with the intention of making the switch. I opened a store on Etsy, prepare my first pattern and started two more new patterns to put on Etsy.  
          Then around the beginning of November I update my iMac operating system.  I always try to keep it current.  Whenever I do this I have to go out and get new drivers for my printers so that they will work with the newest operating system.  I was fine until I got to my wide format printer.  In all honesty it is very old for a computer printer.  The model I have while purchased in 2012 is actually an upgrade to the printer I original purchased in 2004 when I started my business.  That is 15 years old in computer terms.  I knew it's days we're numbered.  Oh well.  
          That was OK as I would be switching to patterns in PDF format only when I opened my store on Etsy.  I needed to get as many patterns on Etsy as soon as possible so that my store looked visually "full".  The pressure was on.
          It was right around Christmas that it suddenly dawned on me that my last comment was a true statement.  The pressure was on.  To make a store on Etsy successful was going to require as much work as I had put in when I first started Apple Blossom Quilts.  What was I accomplishing by switching to Etsy.

          It was time to seriously think about what I wanted for the remainder of my life.  I assume (although I have no way of really knowing) that I have another 20+ years.  I had a grandfather live to 90.  His daughter, my mother lived to be 94, my father was 95 and his mother, my grandmother was 96 just 6 weeks shy of 97.   
          What did I want to do with 20 years. I made a mental list.  Went over and over it in my head.  That list - my bucket list - was quite long.  After many sleepless nights I made my decision.  None of us knows what tomorrow may bring.  I am now 73 and not at an age where I should be putting anything off till tomorrow.

          This morning I deleted my Etsy account. I have decided to shut down my website at the end of April.  That gives me just over 3 ½ months to complete what I have started which is......   

  • Complete "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".
  • Complete the lessons that I have begun.
  • Sell out all of my remaining, printed patterns.
          With this in mind I will ......

  • Publish at least 4 patterns each Monday until all 100 blocks have been published.
  • Publish 1+ lessons each month until complete.
  • Start sales of printed patterns.
           Well it sounds like I have set more deadlines for myself.  With just 3 1/2 months to accomplish my goals I had better get busy.
          By the way, if I've forgotten something please let me know.

Dawna Coleman's "Sketchbook" Blocks
An Acorn   An Applique Essential   A Pair of Acorns
Autumn Birdhouse   Delightful Butterfly   Cupcakes
Delightful Butterfly   Floral 1   Halloween
Harvest Bunny   Floral 2    Hearts
 Oranges    Pumpkins    Ring of Bells
 Ear of Corn    Teddiy    Tools of the Trade

Lesson 13 - Sculpting Applique Patches

      This has to be my favorite technique.  I absolutely love the depth that results when applique patches are sculpted.

  Download Lesson 13 - Sculpting Applique Patches

Download Lessons 1 - 12

Let the Sales Begin

                      Going Out of
      Business Sale

          This month I will begin with 25% off (or close to that).  I have rounded to the nearest $.10 so it could be a few pennies more or less.

          In addition every order will receive a free pattern of my choosing.  Usually that will be an $8.00 (regular price) single block pattern.  
         Once or twice a month I will increase the percentage off.  I recommend that you check back regularly.
          I will only be selling the patterns that I have on hand.  That is the patterns that I have left from our trip to New England.  I will not be printing any additional patterns.  In all honesty I don't have a lot of patterns to get rid of.  In some cases I have as few as 1 pattern left.  As soon as a pattern sells out I will try to get it off the website.
        If you feel I have made an error in calculations, please let me know and I'll check it out.
    Going Out of
    Business Sale
       25% off
    Free pattern

    Going Out of
    Business Sale
       25% off
    Free pattern

"Connie Sue's Sketchbook" - A sneak preview of upcoming blocks

01/21/19 - Winter Cardinal    01/28/19 - Winter Mailbox   02/04/19 - Be Mine
 02/11/19 - My Fantasy Flower    02/18/19 - Singing Hearts    02/25/19 - Limes

Click here for the download page for "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".

Click here to purchase any missed patterns. 

Until next month...

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

Click here to download a PDF file of this newsletter. 

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