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March, 2019

Dear Quilter,

          We are beginning to wrap things up here at Apple Blossom Quilts.  There will only be one more newsletter after this.  I have such mixed emotions about this.  

               I'm looking forward to our travels this year.  First we are off to my husband's hometown of Eureka, South Dakota.  Next comes our annual fishing trip.  Then later in the summer we will be heading to Ireland, Scotland and England.  This is a special trip for me as this is where my family comes from.  Then in the fall we may have an additional trip or two to visit relatives.

A Special Invitation for You to Join "Apple Blossom Quilts Group"

          I would like to invite you to join me on Facebook.  I started a Facebook page for Apple Blossom Quilts several years ago.  Evidently I didn't get it set up properly from the get-go.  In order to achieve my goals I have started a group within Apple Blossom Quilts.  In the future I will limit my posts to this group.  It is called "Apple Blossom Quilts Group".  Ok, I know that isn't very original.
          I have some big plans for this group.  First I uploaded the lessons that I have been publishing in each of my last 15 or 16 newsletters.  These lessons are in the file section of Apple Blossom Quilts Group.  That means these lessons will be available after I discontinue my website on April 30th.
            I also have a couple of projects that I have started for Apple Blossom Quilts that are not ready for publication yet.  However, I would like to eventually make them available.  The first is a quilt that I have named "Tweets and Twigs".  I only have one more block to stitch for this 9 block quilt.  The blocks are 16" square.  Sometime in April I hope to upload a photo and the pattern for the first block.  I won't be publishing blocks on a regular basis.  No more deadlines for me.  
          Keep reading below to learn about more patterns that I currently have available on Facebook at Apple Blossom Quilts Group.

Joy's Garden - Missing Patterns

       I must have been asleep the last time I printed and assembled these patterns.  I included one block pattern twice and left out two of the blocks entirely.  Please check your pattern if you have purchased this from me or have received it as a free pattern with your recent order.  Here are the two blocks that are missing.  
     No you don't have to have purchased the pattern to download these blocks.  Anyone can do so.  The blocks finish at 16" square.  Add these patterns to your pattern collection.  You never know when you might be able to use one of them.

First Missing Pattern

Second Missing Pattern

50% Off Sale

     Just a quick word to remind you of the 50% off sale that is going on right now at Apple Blossom Quilts.  I have sold out of a number of patterns.
     There are also a number of great buys left.  You can check them out by clicking on the link.

Shop Apple Blossom Quilts

My 3 Minis - Another Free Pattern

          Who can resist these delightful wrought iron mini quilt stands.  Certainly not me.  It took me several years to get around to designing and making these quilts for this quilt rack.
          The applique can be as easy or as hard as you choose.  The simplest is to use a no-sew fusible for the applique.  It only takes minutes to do and gives wonderful results.  Make them in the colors of the room they will be displayed in and you will enjoy them for years.
          This pattern is yours, free, in the files section of Apple Blossom Quilts Group in Facebook when you join the group. Click on the following link to take you to this group.  Find and click on the join button.  As soon as you are approved you can begin exploring the files section.  You'll find this pattern among those files.

Take me to Apple Blossom Quilts Group

You may have to create a profile if not already a Facebook member.

Click here for the download page for "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".

Until next month...

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

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