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                                 Classes Offered by Connie Sue

                      Class 2 - Intermediate/Advanced Quick Prep Applique

Class 2: Quick Prep Intermediate/Advanced– 6 hours

Description: This is a technique class. We will NOT be making a specific project. Instead each student will make samples of the various techniques that they can take home for reference. I will provide a kit for $20.00 per student that the students will use to make their samples

Prerequisite: Each student should know the appliqué stitch and be able to stitch inner and outer curves and inner and outer points.

Course Outline:
    Hour 1 – Line an appliqué patch
    Hour 2 - Make a split leaf
    Hour 3 – Stitch a bias stem
                 Add embroidery to our appliqué.
    Hour 4 – Make a skinny stem
    Hour 5 – Stitch a circle
    Hour 6 – Prepare dark background fabric for appliqué.

Supply list:

    1 light box for every 5 students

    Each student should bring a basic sewing kit including:
      Scissors (both regular and serrated if you have them)
      Needle threader if you normally use one (Optional - can skip if you don’t usually use one)
      1 spool 50 wt. or heavier white or light-colored thread
      1 spool 50 wt. or heavier black or very dark-colored thread
      1 fat quarter of good quality muslin or light-colored 100% cotton quilting fabric
      1 large needle size 5, 6, 7, or 8
      #2 lead pencil

Each student will purchase a kit that I will supply. It will contain:
    Pattern for class
    Applique fabric for class
    Packet of needles
    Applique turner
    1-spool Kimono silk in a neutral color
    Pattern to make after class

Number of students: Maximum 20. If there are more who want to take the class, I would be happy to repeat the class. The $400.00 charge applies for each class taught.

Charge: Trunk show - $100.00. This includes up to 2 trunk shows. If applicable one will be in the afternoon and the second in the evening
             Workshop - $400.00 per class

Note: Trunk show and one workshop must be booked together. The workshop and trunk show do not have to be on the same day.

Click here for a PDF file of info for class 2.
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