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                                 Classes Offered by Connie Sue

                     Class 3 - Combination Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced
Class 3: Combination of Class 1 and Class 2 – 6 hours

Description: This class is my most popular class. I actually teach both a beginner’s class and an intermediate class at the same time. It is designed for guilds that don’t have enough beginners for a class or enough intermediates for a class.

Course Outline

Hour 1
    Discuss necessary tools
       Appliqué turner
   Draw pattern on reverse side of background fabric.
    Discuss the placement of appliqué patches
   Watch demo of back basting
   Learn the quick prep appliqué stitch
   Baste your first patch
   Line an appliqué patch
Hour 2
   Watch demo of stitching of outer curve
    Discuss use of the “Appliqué Turner” tool
   Stitch your first outer curve.
   Make a split leaf
Hour 3
   Watch demo of stitching an inner curve.
   Stitch your first inner curve.
   Stitch a bias stem
    Add embroidery to our appliqué.

Practice! Practice! Practice! I will give individualized attention to all participants – particularly beginners.

Hour 4
    Watch demo of outer points
    Stitch an outer point
   Make a skinny stem
Hour 5
    Watch demo of inner points
S   Stitch an inner point
    Stitch a circle
Hour 6
    Discuss layering of pattern pieces
    Discuss additional techniques
    Prepare dark background fabric for appliqué.

Supply list:

    1 light box for every 5 students

    Each student should bring a basic sewing kit including:
    Scissors (both regular and serrated if you have them)
    Needle threader if you normally use one (Optional - can skip if you don’t usually use one)
    1 spool 50 wt. or heavier white or light-colored thread
    1 spool 50 wt. or heavier black or very dark-colored thread
    1 fat quarter of good quality muslin or light-colored 100% cotton quilting fabric
    1 large needle size 5, 6, 7, or 8
    #2 lead pencil

Each student will purchase a kit that I will supply. It will contain:
    Pattern for class
    Applique fabric for class
    Packet of needles
    Applique turner
    1-spool Kimono silk in a neutral color
    Pattern to make after class

Number of students: Maximum 20.  If there are more who want to take the class, I would be happy to repeat the class. The $400.00 charge applies for each class taught.

Charge: Trunk show - $100.00. This includes up to 2 trunk shows. If applicable one will be in the afternoon and the second in the evening
             Class 3:  $400.00 per class.

Note: Trunk show and one workshop must be booked together. The workshop and trunk show do not have to be on the same day.

Click here for a PDF file of info for class 3.
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