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Apple Blossom Quilts Newsletter

April, 2018

Dear Quilter,

          Ugh!  We are in the midst of a three day rain storm.  I guess I really can't complain.  North of us in Minnesota they are getting 15" of snow - in April no less.
          This has been such a fun issue to put together.  I have lots of photos of quilts or blocks that you have made from my patterns.  Thanks so much for sharing with me.  It is a really colorful issue.
            In case you missed it, I'm publishing my free, BOM blocks a little later on Monday morning.  Some of you won't notice the difference.  For others, it will be a little later.  I intend to get it out no later than 8:00 A.M. Central Standard Time.  Occasionally it may be later.  If you don't see it the first time you go to the site, just check back later.

Joan Gelder's "Hiking/Camping" Quilt


          Those of you who have been reading my newsletters over the years will recognize Joan's name.  We have been quilting together for at least 40 years.  We both fell in love with quilting before it became popular. 
          Joan's "Hiking" quilt was made from 4 blocks in my latest, free, BOM "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".  Joan will be hanging it in her camper. 
          Joan made the quilt while she and her husband Keith were on vacation in Arizona.  She had the blocks appliquéd but didn't have a sewing machine in her camper so she hand pieced the quilt including all the flying geese units.
         Oh, by the way, I designed "Hiking Boots just for Joan,  Her husband Keith is an avid hiker so when Joan offered to make this quilt she selected 3 of my patterns but needed a fourth.  I designed "Hiking Boots just for the Gelder's.
          You can still download the "Hiking Boots" pattern along with the "Songbird" pattern by clicking here.

Reader's Photos from "Connie Sue's Sketchbook"

Candace O'Keefe - "Baby Rattle"   Candace O'Keefe - "Birdie In A Tree"   Candace O'Keefe - Songbird
Dawna Coleman - "Christmas Bell's"   Dawna Coleman - "St. Patrick Day", "Baby Rattle", "Spring Birdhouse", "Birdie In A Tree"   Candace O'Keefe - "Spring Birdhouse"
Dawna Coleman - "Hope", "Floral #3", " Single Rose", "Grandma's Hen"   Dawna Coleman - "Dazzling Butterfly", "Dazzling Butterfly Alternate", "Easter Eggs", "Snowball Bunny", " Heart's Entwined", "Hearts Entwined Variation"    

Lesson 4- "It's the Knots"

          This month's lesson centers on learning two knots that will help us enormously as we applique.  The first is one that most of us already know.  It is called the quilter's knot.  It is used at the end of our applique thread.  
          The second knot may be new to many of you.  It is a small, fine knot that we place at the bottom of our needle.  It prevents our silk thread from pulling out of the needle.
          If you have missed out on our earlier lessons, you will find them on my "Quilting Tips" website page.
  Click to download Lesson 4 - "It's the Knots"

Click to take me to the download page for earlier lessons.

"Connie Sue's Sketchbook" - A sneak preview of upcoming blocks

4/16/18 - Nappies   4/23/18 - Lemons   04/30/18 - Beehive
5/7/18 - Summer Birdhouse   5/14/18 - Ballet Slippers   5/21/18 - Grandma's Got Another Hen

Click here for the download page for "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".

Click here to purchase any missed patterns.

Until next month...

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

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