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Apple Blossom Quilts Newsletter

May, 2018

Dear Quilter,

          I have shared our journey with our dog, Daisy, with you in this newsletter.  We brought her home as as a 8 week old puppy 5 years ago this month.  Over the last five years we have learned that labs stay puppies for a very long time.  She is finally reaching middle age.      

        We give her a bath at the local dog wash.  It is a room behind our vets set up for bathing dogs. It has a large, shallow tub that the dog stands in at a comfortable height for adults.  Large dogs must walk up a ramp to  get to the tub.  This afternoon Daisy marched up that ramp without being told, without any bribe and without pulling her up by her leash.  I was so proud of her.  It has always taken two of us to bath her.  After today, I think I could do it alone.  Good girl.  Good Daisy.

Lesson 5 - "The Applique Stitch and an Outer Curve"

          This is the defining lesson on QuikPrep Applique.  Back basting has been around for many years.  It depends upon looking for holes in fabric to define a shape.  QuikPrep Applique doesn't.  Instead we use the basting stitches that we have already placed in the patch to define the patch.  If you only read one lesson in this series, this is the one for you.   Click to download Lesson 5 - "The Applique Stitch/Outer Curve".

Click to download lessons 1-4.

"Connie Sue's Sketchbook" - A sneak preview of upcoming blocks

 5/21/18 - Grandma's Got Another Hen    5/28/48 - Spray of Roses    6/4/18 - Sailboat
 6/11/18 - Sunny Bunny    6/18/18 - Starry Night    6/25/18 - Delicate Butterfly


Click here for the download page for "Connie Sue's Sketchbook".

Click here to purchase any missed patterns.

Until next month...

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

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