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Apple Blossom Quilts' Newsletter

October, 2018

Dear Quilter,

     We are still on the road but are now headed home.  We had a wonderful trip.  I want to thank all the guilds that hosted us.  Quilters have got to be the warmest, sharingest, folks around.
     I also want to thank all the folks that helped with my trunk show.  It seems we always get busy after the show and there just isn't enough time to thank everyone individually.  You really helped make our trip a success.  Thanks so much. 
     I have seen photos of New England in the fall all my life.  I never really believed the colors were that rich.  I was wrong.  The colors are unbelievably deep, and rich.  Gorgeous.  So glad I got to see it in its full splendor.
    Houlton, Maine

Readers Photos of  "Connie Sue's Sketchbook"

     Candace O'Keefe  
       This is Candace O'Keefe's version of "American As Apple Pie".  Thanks so much for sharing your blocks with us.  We look forward to seeing them.    
Candace O'Keefe - American As Apple Pie        

     Dawna Coleman

     Dawna Coleman has been making her blocks each week, but when she tried to send them to me I didn't receive them.  They are lost somewhere on the internet.  Then three weeks ago she was successful.  She has shared 22 weeks worth of blocks.  Thank you so much, Dawna.  I'm sure we will all enjoy the eye candy.    
    "An Acorn"    "Apples"
 "American As Apple Pie"    "Ballet Slippers"    "Beehive"
 "Delightful Butterfly"    "Delightful Butterfly"    "Campfire"
 "Delicate Butterfly"    "Grandma's Got Another Hen"    "Harvest Bunny"
 "Hiking Boots"    "Lemons"    "Nappies"
 "Pacifiers"    "Resting Birdie"    "Sailboat"
"Songbird"   "Spray of Roses"   "Starry Night"
"Summer Birdhouse"   "Sunny Bunny"    

Lesson 10 - Straight Lines

          Straight lines aren't hard to do the "Quick Prep" way.  I'll take you through the technique in this lesson.   Lesson 10 - Straight Lines

Lessons 1 - 9

Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod
     We had 2 trunk shows and 2 workshops for the Bayberry Quilters of Cape Cod.  They were one of the largest groups that have hosted Jerry and me.  A big "shout out" to all who made our stay so enjoyable.  

Friends and Needles - Houlton, Maine
      The leaves were at their peak of autumn color when we headed to Houlton, Maine. It was an absolutely gorgeous drive.  Once there we were welcomed by a passionate group of quilters.  Thanks so much for having us.  We had a great time.  

Burlington Quilters Guild - Burlington, Mass.
         We have Jen Swonson of this guild to thank for our trip to New England.  She got the ball rolling a couple of years ago when she asked if we could come to her guild.  I thought it was a great idea so planned our whole trip accordingly.    

 "Connie Sue's Sketchbook" - A sneak preview of upcoming blocks

10/15/18 - Oranges   10/22/18 - Halloween   10/29/18 - Cupcakes
11/5/18 - Pumpkins   11/12/18 - Clucking   11/19/18 - Floral 1


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Until next month...

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

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