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Analysis of various batts for sculpting applique patches  

    In January, 2016 we began a new, free BOM called "Karen's Gingerbread Florals".   I decided that I would use this quilt to test various batts as I sculpted the flowers in each block.  I would use a different batt in each block then would report on that batt - both pros and cons.  The following table is the result of my tests.  I will complete the table by adding the review of a single type each month as the blocks for the quilt are published.  

   Batting Type  Comments:
Block 1: My Favorite Rose

 2 types of place mat fleece I used 2 layers.  1 layer was too flat.  2 layers produced a nice soft look. 
Block 2: Rose

 Hobbs 80/20 I used 1 layer.  It produced a firm rose that looks nice.
Block 3: Cosmos

 Hobbs Polydown 1 layer was too flat. 2 layers were better but were a little hard to work with.  When it was done, 2 layers looked and felt good. 

Block 4: A Simple Rose

 Mountain Mist Craft Batt Very Soft.  1 layer didn't have much body.  2 layers were much better.  One big advantage.  I was able to put in small stitches. 
Block 5: Water Lily

 Hobbs Wool Batt  Love this batt.  The fibers are a little stiffer than the other batts I've used so far yet it is soft to the touch. Fills out the patches very well.  Doesn't work as well with very small patches, but for patches that are dime size or bigger it is great.  My favorite so far.
Block 6: Pansy

 Mountain Mist 100% Polyester 
 Quilt-Light Batting
 Ok.  Very soft.  One layer was rather flat.  Two layers filled out the patch better.
Block 7: Zinnia

 Hobbs Tuscany Silk Quilt Batt
 This batt feels wonderful.  But it is very soft.  Too soft in my opinion for the fluffy look that I want in my patches.
Block 8: Impatiens

Warm and Natural This batt filled out the shapes nicely.  It wasn't quite as "poofy" as I would have liked.
Block 9: Dogwood

 Thermore  One layer of this batt was a little flat.  I preferred two layers.

Block 10: Tulips
 Fairfield Poly-fil Extra-loft  Also too soft and flat for my tastes.

Block 11:
 Fairfield Quilter's 80/20  

Block 12:
 Quilter's Dream Orient Bamboo/Silk Blend  

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