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 Introductory Letter 5

Dear Quilter,

Where do my pattern names come from? Finding a pattern name that hasn't been used is quite a challenge. In some respects it is easy. I can just open my internet browser, type in the name such as "The Iris Quilt" and I can see if any patterns already have that name. Invariably there are several. I solved the problem by adding a family member's name or a friend's name to the quilt name. "Leola's Irises" is a unique name. Once I got started I continued to use proper names even if the quilt name was unique. It became a way to honor my family and friends. By the way, Leola was my mother.
Leola's Irises
Skinny, Skinny Stems
     We have all seen them.  Skinny, skinny stems.  They are beautiful and they invariably pull oo's and ahh's from all who see them.  We also usually find them intimidating.  We are sure they must be difficult to make.  I've placed a ruler on the skinny stem below along with a thimble to give you an idea of proportion.  This skinny stem is just 1/8" wide.  Actually I've made them even narrower.  
      The Beginner's Class will see a demo of the making of a skinny stem the QuikPrep Applique way. 
     The intermediate class will actually make a skinny stem.  The students I have taught this to thus far have all said it was the easiest of the techniques that I teach.  Almost all were successful the first time.  You won't know if you will join this club of successful appliquers unless you come to class to learn the trick.  I hope to see you there. Check with your local guild chairperson and sign up for class now.

Remember Your Knots
Don't forget to learn the two knots that we will be using in class. These knots will not be taught in class. You will be expected to learn them before class.

Quilter's Knot: Click here to learn the quilter's knot.
Appliquer's Knot:  Click here to learn the appliquer's knot.  
Linda's Flutters and Flowers
Class Materials
Joy's Garden Each participant will need to bring the following to class:
1 - fat quarter of light colored tone-on-tone fabric
(could be a good quality muslin)
1 - spool size 40 or 30 light colored thread
1 - spool size 40 or 30 dark colored thread
#2 lead pencil
1 - Size 5, 6,7 or 8 needle (should easily take the size 40 or 30 thread)

We will see you soon.

Happy Appliquéing,

Connie Sue

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