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Quilting Tips

When you click on a quilting tip, a PDF file will be opened. Many of these PDF files under "Applique Tips" were created from screen shots.  They were not formated for printing and may waste space.  Also none of the links in these PDF files will work. All quilting tips under "Tips for construction" have been formated for printing.

QuikPrep Applique Lessons

Analysis of Batts for Sculpting Applique Patches

Applique Tips - Click on title or part number

Tips for constructing specific Apple Blossom Quilt patterns. Occasionally, when I develop a new technique or process that I use on a specific quilt, I will take photos of that process.  I then create a pictorial guide showing the various steps in that process.  It is not necessary to use these guides when making these patterns.  The written pattern instructions are complete and the quilts can be made in their entirety from the written pattern.  These pictorial guides are to be used as a supplement to the written instructions.  They are to be used by those for whom "a picture is worth a thousand words."

     Joy's Garden
        Part 1      Part 2

    Leola's Irises
        Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4      Part 5

    Livie's Butterflies
       Click here for Livie's Butterflies

    Sunflower Trio
        Part 1      Part 2      Part 3      Part 4

Above you will find many quilting tips.  You may print the quilting tips for your own personal use. If your friends are interested in having copies of these tips, please give them my web site address so that they can then print their own copies. These pages are copyrighted and are not to be re-printed by teachers and educators to be used as handouts in their classes or for any other purposes. They are not to be reproduced on the web or in any printed materials. Teachers are encouraged to give my site address to their students . Thank you for respecting the copyright laws. Connie Sue
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